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Who is leading BVB for 19/20 ?
3 votes
Even though messi will help out griezmann with his game, I feel like griezmann and suarez will have a hard time playing togather and coordinating. Their styles are different.
closes on 09:05 PM, 15-07-2020
I agree Barcelona didn't sign Greizmann on the best of terms from Atletico but Atletico are just stretching the matter and demanding 80M more because they spent 126M on an inexperienced youngster .
closes on 06:17 PM, 13-07-2020
Which one of these goals from Cristiano Ronaldo was more Iconic(not better, just iconic)
35 votes
Mauro Icardi has only failed to score more than 20 in a season once since 12/13.
Do you guys think he'll be a good signing for Juventus ?
32 votes
Hypothetically if Messi decided to leave Barcelona today , which club in Europe do you think he should go ?

Ps - Didn't include City and Liverpool as they don't need him
31 votes
humse bahut badi mistake hui hai
humka wapas le lo..
Antoine Griezman Nov 2018: Being Messi's lieutenant played a part' in not joining Barca.

Antoine Griezman July 2019: Playing next to Messi will be an incredible joy.

Rate the signing of Griezmann
14 votes
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James Rodriguez



14 Votes
From spending close to 1 billion euros in last 5 years, hijacking for petty reasons, destroying relationships with every other club, buying superstars, destroying la Masia, giving non sense massive wages , it is safe to say Barcelona are now what their fans "hated". They have forgotten their so-called principles which they boasted.
closes on 03:05 PM, 13-07-2020
Griezmann to Barca is like ghar se bhaag ke shaadi

ghar waale bura maan ke baithe hue hai

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Lionel Messi



21 Votes
Who is going to rejuvenate their career in the best possible way this season?
23 votes
Senegalese FA boss Saee Seck: “Sadio Mane has the chance to go to Real Madrid. For me, I think it’s the best club in the world, even if I am a Barcelona fan I still think Real Madrid is the best and Mane should be thinking of that offer seriously.”
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Salomon Rondon



5 Votes