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What’s your unpopular Barca related opinion?
Your list of Top 5 active midfielders in football?
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Nelson Semedo



15 Votes
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James Maddison



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CR7: "When my son saw my [childhood] place, he couldn't believe I'd lived there. He asked, 'You really been here?' Now it's easy, houses, car but you can't think everything falls from the sky. Its not talent that reaches you. Work hard. That's what I try to make him understand.":raised_hands:
Barcelona confirm Ousmane Dembele will be ruled out for 5 weeks with leg injury .

I am done defending him . We should bin him next year and bring a new young forward . If possible sell him in the winter window by including him in the Neymar deal .
closes on 01:29 AM, 20-08-2020
Do you think sometimes players fake injuries to get vacations and holidays...
28 votes
Man utd vs wolves MOTM?
25 votes
A political poem I wrote when the current Govt was reelected in 2019 LS elections... Please read it only if you're neutral for it's satire/critical thinking ...

Dear Leader
- Rajdeep Desai

Dear Leader Said in his Rally from a Height
To a Non believer
standing in a corner but with no Fright.
"I've used all my power, influence and might.
With no real competition, not even a close fight,
The decision is out in the clear daylight.
As I said before, I have won outright.
Your Limericks were poor now get out of my sight."
He replied with a smile
"People blindly believe in you
But that's not even the plight.
For this is 2019 and not a 2014's resurgence fight,
In 5 Yrs all they know is saffron's your favorite colour and your favorite candy is Mango bite.
What they don't realize is that
Religion won't feed them while the economy is tight,
But they're happy cheering for you,
When core institutions are endangered and jobs are out of sight,
When Farmers are dying and the Media is in your smite,
When extremists are the new rulers and
Lynching is alright.
But hey it can be a better 5 years ahead,
You never know right?
For now I've only got one question,
When's your next flight ? " :)
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If Valverde stays till the end of the season then a top 4 finish in La Liga , a UCL exit without humiliation and atleast reaching semis or finals of Copa Del Rey are the only things Barcelona fans should hope for this season .
closes on 11:13 PM, 20-08-2020
Today's predictions?
25 votes
Barcelona fans what went wrong??
25 votes
Apparently Shaw is the weakest link in our defense.
Carelessly goes forward without tracking back fast enough.
a bang average winger like traore took him apart.
closes on 12:00 PM, 20-08-2020
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Kasper Dolberg



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Recent performances and Lampards trust on the youngster Mason mount who to me looks our future and I rate him pretty high after watching him play for us.

How would u guys rate him ?
28 votes
The Phil now at Bayern< The Phil at Man United
27 votes