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Who deserves place in La Liga Team of the season 2018-19??
21 votes
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Nicolas Pépé



13 Votes
Real Madrid should sell Modric, bring Eriksen, shouldn't buy Pogba, Keep Kroos and Fede and slowly incorporate Fede in system and see how he develops and if everything goes well use him as Kroos's substitute...
closes on 03:29 PM, 19-05-2020
How big a loss is Leroy Sane for next season?
11 votes
Every news outlet reported that bale wanted a farewell match to show his gratitude to Bernabeu.
No matter what went wrong between bale and zidane, no matter how great Zidane is he shouldn't have treated bale like this.
Bale is considered an RM legend by 75% of the fans and he deserved a farewell.
closes on 05:37 PM, 19-05-2020
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Keylor Navas



19 Votes
What do you guys about Mbappe's outburst during the award ceremony yesterday?
14 votes
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Describe Real Madrid's season in one word :point_down:
14 votes
Kroos signs contract extension till 2023
Unfortunately (and sadly) reports say Marcos llorente will be sold this summer. Zizou doesn't trust him much. Which club will be best for him?

(Linked clubs in options)
29 votes
Lol Bleacher Report just likes Barcelona too much*, I guess.

Giving out wrong stats and all

I don't even know all time highest gap between the two sides, but this isn't it.

For instance,
La Liga 2002-2003
Real Madrid - 1st- 78 points

Barcelona- 6th- 56 points

I recommend you guys to stop believing them
Messi - 36 goals
Mbappe - 32 goals with a game in hand

Can Mbappe overtake Messi ?
33 votes
Real Madrid Castilla finish fourth .

They will now play in the playoffs for a chance to get promoted to second division.
The most surprising part about United's recent activity is the lack of promotion regarding out new home kit...we may showcase it with a new signing too....
closes on 12:27 PM, 20-05-2020
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Diogo Jota



16 Votes
What's your prediction