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I am a retired footballer..
I've played with the likes of Arjen Robben, Robert Pires and Roberto Carlos.

When you know my name you will shout out loud... Me >>>>>>> Kante.

Guess me..!
With Mendy getting injured once again, it is possible that the knee injury will affect him in the long term?
8 votes
Should we sell Dembele and start promoting Malcom?
7 votes
If at all Mourinho's slump tenure continues at the club, players like Bailly, Sanchez, Pogba and De Gea will eventually leave.
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Team from __________ will win the UCL this season.
29 votes
Did we make a mistake in off-loading Reiss Nelson to Germany?
42 votes
Ousmane Dembele can be a perfect replace,ment for the ageing Ribery or Robben, With Gnabry and Coman already in the team, the addition of Dembele can make Bayern a great attacking force.
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In my opinion, Pochettino won't leave Spurs any time soon. WIth the new stadium and all the new deals for vital players at the club, it is clear that the guy has plans of further enhancing this squad, rather than move to another team.
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Manuel Akanji



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Who amongst the following deserved atleast one Balon d'Or?
17 votes
Will we ever see Kylian Mbappe in the PL?
19 votes
I know people on the internet talk a lot of shit but this is too funny not to share :joy::joy::joy::joy::clap:
Just wanted ur opinions..

How would have it been if Man utd losing all those 3 tight fixtures recently and Mourinho getting fired and Ranieri as new man utd boss??

Ranieri in at manutd if at all had happened.. Would it have been a boon or bane?


Nageen Kommu Sourav Ghosh Hari Prakash Amogh Adahallikar

Other team fans too.. Pl share ur opinions..!
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