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Found on some fb page..!
Seems legit?!
Ur opinion guys?
Mrinal Kapoor
Sidhant Gupta
Dev sagar
Argentina should drop players like Otamendi, Aguero, Di Maria from national side after COPA AMERICA 2019
closes on 01:29 PM, 20-06-2020
If you were a player, under whom you wanna play?
40 votes
Who would you all say has had the best transfer business over the past 10 years among Europe's top teams?
22 votes
Rate Lenglet's first season out of 10
33 votes
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Paul Pogba



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Domenico Berardi



17 Votes
Sampaoli's Argentina was better than the present squad.
closes on 08:44 AM, 20-06-2020
Many United fans across various countries, on Twitter started a #GlazersOut campaign yesterday night and we have successfully brought it trending No. 1 in UK, US, India and also Trending No. 2 worldwide with over 130K tweets.
To all my fellow United fans (as well as others who may empathize with United's current situation) out here who are active on Twitter, pls do join in the campaign and tweet with the hashtag #GlazersOut
So far it has been noted by and Sky News.

The aim is to start a rebellion against the money monger Glazers and their puppet Woodward to help our club get back on the top. This is just the first step. The next step is going to be taken by our season ticket holders and fans who actually attend the matches at Old Trafford. They are going to boycott many matches and also at the ones which they attend, they are going to be loud enough to deafen our Management and board with chants of Woodward and Glazers Out.

Sourav Ghosh Santanu Bhattacharjee Thirumalesh G. Naik Shyam M Lokesh Jyotula Nageen Kommu Hari Prakash Amogh Adahallikar Raj Kishan Nikhil Nibe Saatvik Singh
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The deal is that Barcelona pay around 100 million euros to PSG and include one or more players in the deal. The names of Umtiti, Dembélé and Rakitic are floating around. :expressionless:
30 votes
The best brainless defender?
30 votes
Craig Burley(ESPN Journalist)

closes on 02:21 PM, 18-06-2020
De Ligt moving to PSG rather than Barcelona or Man United is a downgrade considering the competition in the league.
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Aaron Wan-Bissaka



28 Votes
Llorente to Atletico Madrid done.

It sucks. An academy product with deep family history in Madrid, always professional, and he had a better season than Casemiro. I wish him the best though as long as it doesn’t ultimately affect our standing in any competition.