Footyhunch Contest

FootyHunch Contest

FootyHunch contest is a fun game for all football lovers!

Play FootyHunch for the on-going 2018-19 club season!!!

Weekly and Monthly prizes to be won! Monthly winner gets club jersey and top 3 weekly winners get club merchandize

What more? Now create your own group, invite friends and play with them.

So why wait? Start playing now and show that you are a real football genius.



FootyHunch on Dribl is now live for on-going 2019-20 club season.

FootyHunch is available only on the latest Android app (version 2.04 or above, released on 14 August 2018). Please Update your app to play.

Play FootyHunch and win a weekly prize.

What more, you can create FootyHunch groups to compete directly with friends and other fans as well.

So why wait? Start playing now and show that you are a real football genius.

Rules & Regulations

  1. Every week, 5-8 games will be opened for playing FootyHunch.
  2. Cards for the upcoming week will open every Monday and the fans can play until before kick-off.
  3. There will be one weekly winner. Winner will be announced on the basis of “Best scores”. For weekly leaderboard, winner will be announced based on Best 5 scores for the week. As an example, if a fan gets 24, 23, 21, 15, 8, 7, 4 and 2 points in a week’s game, his/her score for the week will be 91 (24+23+21+15+8).
  4. A user will be able to win only 5 weekly prizes.
  5. Anyone can create a group, invite their friends and play FootyHunch.


  1. Weekly prizes

    Every week, the top winner will get his/her favourite club’s fan T-shirt (worth INR 650). The winner will be declared on the basis of Best 5 scores for the week. Choice of T-shirt will be given to the winner

   In case of any ties, the user with higher points on Dribl will be declared the winner.

   Please allow 3 - 4 weeks time for us to process your prize.

   For the current season, there are no monthly or overall prizes.

Points system

Each match will have 5 cards:

  1. Score prediction card - Predict the score for the game until the end of normal time for group matches and extra time for knockout matches
    1. Perfect prediction: 7 points (correct result, correct number of goals predicted for both teams)
    2. Correct prediction: 6 points minus the difference in goals scored and predicted for both teams. As an example, if prediction is 3-0, and the actual result is 2-1, points scored is 6 minus 1 (difference between goals scored and predicted of home team) minus 1 (difference between goals scored and predicted of away team), in this case 4 points. This is subject to a minimum of 1 point.
    3. Incorrect prediction: 0 points
  2. Man of the match card - Select the player you think will be MOTM in the game
    1. Correct selection - 7 points
    2. Incorrect selection - 0 points
    3. MOTM for each match will be determined from the official websites of the leagues pertaining to those matches. If MOTM is not available from those sources, then MOTM will be picked from FotMob app.
  3. Event cards - There are 3 event cards (prediction for events during the game such as # of yellow cards, timing of first goal, etc.). Each card will have 3 or 5 or 6 points.
    1. Correct selection - Full points (3 or 5 or 6)
    2. Incorrect selection - 0 points
    3. If the event doesnt happen in the game (like for such cards as timing of first goal etc.), then by default the third option (61 min+) will be considered as correct one.
  4. Head to Head - Each player will be pit against another player through a random computerized draw in each game. The winner of the Head to Head battle will get 4 points.
  5. Banker's Bonus - Each player can pick maximum one card for Banker's Bonus. For this card,
    1. Correct selection - Points doubled
    2. Incorrect selection - Negative points for the question that is selected
  6. Stats to update the FootyHunch scores will be taken from official league websites. In case they are not available on official league websites, we would rely on Fotmob and BBC sport app for these stats

How to join FootyHunch contest

  1. Register on or Download Android App
  2. FootyHunch can be found in the App or on the left side panel of the homepage in the website or under Play section in the Mobile web
  3. Start playing

Creating or joining FootyHunch group

  1. To create a new FootyHunch group: Enter new FootyHunch group details by clicking on "Create Group" button below "Groups" in the Dashboard tab, get the invitation code for your group and ask your friends and more fans to join using the code.
  2. To join a FootyHunch group : Enter the invitation code for the FootyHunch group by clicking on "Join Group" button below "Groups" in the Dashboard tab

Terms & Conditions

  1. Only residents of India are eligible for prizes in the FootyHunch contest
  2. Each fan can have only one account on Dribl. Multiple/ fake accounts will be disabled for perpetuity
  3. Dribling Sports Private Limited (Dribl) reserves the right to update the rules, prizes, terms & conditions, contest format or any other detail without the guarantee of updating all participants.
  4. Dribl does not take the liability for any potential unavailability of the platform or any malfunction or any other condition or circumstances leading to a negative impact on the competitiveness of the contestants of the group.
  5. Any FootyHunch group formed with names that are misleading (or imitation of official groups, entities, organizations without their explicit permission) will be deactivated.
  6. All Terms & Conditions attached with use of Dribl are applicable. You can read them here:Terms & Conditions
  7. In case of any dispute with regards to points or ranking, the decision of Dribl management will be final and binding.

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