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After an incredible season of the Premier League, let us take a look at the league's finest players

What a season of Premier League action we were treated with! Nail biting till the very last game! Week after week, it was cat and mouse until Manchester City finally settling things with a win on the final day to defend the title by a mere point.

Liverpool can be proud of their season but will feel a bit stingy about missing out on the title by just that much despite having a good cushion at the halfway stage of the season. Chelsea managed to turn around their season and finish a respectable third while Tottenham’s slump, in the end, pushed them to fourth place.

Arsenal and Manchester United missed out on the coveted top 4 spots and finished 5th and 6th respectively. One of the biggest surprises of the season were Wolverhampton and a mention is the least they deserve.

A total of 7 managerial casualties were seen this time around with the most notable being Jose Mourinho (MUN) back in December. The Golden Boot had to be shared 3 ways with Mo Salah, Pierre Emerick Aubameyang and Sadio Mane scoring 22 goals each. Eden Hazard finished as Playmaker of the Season with 15 assists and Ryan Fraser of Bournemouth just behind by one. Alisson Becker pipped his fellow countryman to the Golden Glove with a staggering 21 clean sheets.

While there are more stats to ponder on, that is not the point of this article. Here we will take a look at the players who have kept producing one great performance after another throughout the entirety of the season. Yes, they may have had a one-off bad game, they’re human after all.

We have decided to use an old school 4-4-2 formation that can also be changed to a 4-1-2-1-2 wide if need be. A few factors like stats, form, fan favourites, etc. have been taken into consideration so it may be the case that some players might have missed out. After all, there are only 11 we can fit into this team. Let’s get to it, shall we!

All stats courtesy of WhoScored and Opta.


Much was made out of Liverpool’s goalkeeping situation with Loris Karius pretty much costing Liverpool the Champions League last season. Ever since the departure of Pepe Reina, Liverpool have struggled to have a reliable pair of gloves in goal and it has affected them badly. To rectify that once and for all, they went ahead and splurged the cast on the ex-Roma keeper, thereby making him the 2nd most expensive goalie.

With the performances and results he’s produced, the price tag seems like a small thing now. He came up big performances in big games against the likes of City and Chelsea while producing some fantastic saves against pretty much every opposition. Quick off his line, sweeping behind the back 4 and reflexes that would make an in-form De Gea run for his money. Yes, he’s had a sturdy defence in front of him but that doesn’t take away how much of a calm influence he has been on this side.

Stats for the season:

Appearances - 38
Clean Sheets - 21
Saves - 76,
Goals Conceded - 22


Lucas Digne was in with a good shout but it’s safe to say he doesn’t quite come close to Andrew Robertson. There are a few players who signify Klopp’s style of football but none more so than Andrew Robertson. He’s picked up from where he left off last season and is one the most reliable and solid left fullbacks in the league. Robertson puts as much effort on defence as he does in the offence.

Chances are that Andrew Robertson can keep running at opposition players unless you tell him to stop. His energy reserves are off the charts! In the age of fullbacks neglecting their defensive duties, the Scott is a godsend for Liverpool. As for his attacking output, look no further than his pinpoint assist to Xherdan Shaqiri against Burnley. You’ll understand.

Stats for the season:

Appearances - 36
Assists - 11
Tackles/game - 2.2
Interceptions/game - 0.8
Key Passes/game 1.4,
Clearances/game - 1.3
Pass Acc. - 82.3%


Aymeric Laporte has been the star man in City’s defence. An ideal ‘Pep Guardiola’ centre back, Laporte possesses all the qualities you want in a ball playing modern defender. Just look at those cross-field diagonal passes! Oof! Under Guardiola, he has blossomed into one of the finest young central defenders in the Premier League. In the few games that he has been a bit off, the effect was evident on City’s results, like the games against Chelsea and Crystal Palace.

The yet to be capped Frenchman has age on his side and a genius coach to iron out those few problems but surely he is one of the league’s finest left-footed defenders. Add to that, he scored one of the most important goals of the season in the final game against Brighton. Not too shabby.

Stats for the season:

Appearances - 35
Goals - 3, Assists - 3
Tackles/game - 1.2
Interceptions/game - 1.1
Clearances/game - 2.7
Pass Acc. - 92.3%
Passes/game - 85.6
Long Balls/game - 4.9


If it was unclear as to why Liverpool lost just once and conceded only 22 goals in 38 games, it’s this person. The sheer level of improvement after Van Dijk has slotted in at CB in Liverpool is there for everyone to see! Strong in the tackle, dominant in the air, excellent positional awareness and a good pace to accompany all that.

There are very few areas where you could call out Van Dijk on because he’s just been that good. He swept up 2 of the biggest awards this season when he was crowned PFA Players’ Player of the Year and Premier League Player of the Year. An underrated aspect of his game has been his passing! Clean and error-free, as simple as that. There was no better candidate for this spot if you ask me.

Stats for the season:

Appearances - 38
Goals - 4
Assists - 2
Tackles/game - 1
Interceptions/game - 1.1
Clearances/game - 5.2
Pass Acc. - 89.7%,
Passes/game - 79.9
Long Balls/game - 5.3


A lot of great right backs were in consideration for our spot like Matt Doherty, Ricardo Pereira and breakout star Aaron Wan Bissaka. However, Trent was just way too consistent throughout the season and was an integral part of Liverpool’s assault on the Premier League.

He might not have started very productively but as the business end approached, he picked up his performances. Assist after assist in game after game. He became the only defender to rack up 12 assists in a Premier League season. The youngster managed to surpass his team-mate Robertson, Leighton Baines and Andy Hinchcliffe for this accolade. Deserved to be in the lineup we’d say!

Stats for the season:

Appearances - 29
Assists - 12
Tackles/game - 2.1
Interceptions/game - 1.2
Clearances/game - 2.1
Key Passes/game 1.7
Crosses/game - 2
Long Balls/game - 4


The Premier League is home to some of the best players in the world but there’s very few you can term as world class. Eden Hazard is one of them. Period. Chelsea may not have had the best of seasons but Eden Hazard had been a ray of shining light amidst all of that.

His exclusion from PFA’s Team of the Year sparked outrage and for the right reasons. The sheer dependency on Hazard is visible when you look at the fact that He has been involved in 31 of Chelsea’s 63 goals in the league. Now, the problem is that he’s probably going to leave after his most prolific season. One last hurrah?

Stats for the season:

Appearances - 37
Goals - 16
Assists - 15
Shots/game - 2.5
Key Passes/game - 2.6
Dribbles/game - 3.7
Pass Acc. - 84.3%,
Long Balls/game - 2.7


One of the most important components of Pep Guardiola’s steamrolling team has been Fernandinho. He is not just the dirty worker of the system but has evolved into a much more complete midfielder with his passing and forward contributions.
His age has become a problem in the sense that he is starting to be played less. But in the time being Fernandinho can boast of being one of the best DM’s in the league this season and we hope Pep has an equally competent replacement in mind.

Stats for the season:

Appearances - 29
Goals - 1
Assists - 3
Tackles/game - 2
Interceptions/game - 1.4
Clearances/game - 2.4
Pass Acc. - 87.5%
Long Balls/game - 2.7


Bernardo Silva is quite easily one of the most versatile players in the league and while he has been a feature at right wing for a good part of the season, it’s his effectiveness from the middle of the park that has caught everyone’s attention.
In a season where City’s chief midfielder, Kevin De Bruyne, has been rarely available, the diminutive Portuguese has slowly taken up the mantle. He has been scoring and creating with aplomb and has become one of Guardiola’s favourites. Expect more to come from him in the coming years.

Stats for the season:

Appearances - 36
Goals - 7
Assists - 7
Key Passes/game - 2
Dribbles/game - 1.4
Pass Acc. - 86.1%
Long Balls/game - 2


It’s actually scary to think that Raheem Sterling is only 24 years of age. Once an enfant terrible for Liverpool, Raheem Sterling has come a long way since joining City a few years back. Under Pep Guardiola, Sterling has become one of the most lethal and effective wingers in the Premier League. He has worked on his attitude and his numbers in front of goal have improved season after season.

His dribbling and decisiveness in the final third and ability to play anywhere across the frontline makes him a threat to any defence. Add to that a freaky bust of pace and young age, you have a winger that City can rely on for the next 7-8 years or so. Oh and did we mention that he also managed to scoop up the PFA Young Player of the Year and FWA Footballer of the Year awards!

Stats for the season:

Appearances - 34
Goals - 17
Assists - 10
Shots/game - 2.3
Key Passes/game - 1.9
Dribbles/game - 2.4
Pass Acc. - 85.8%.


The Gabonese has quickly become a hit at the Emirates with his clinical and consistent performances. With his first full season for the club under his belt, he has shown why Wenger went ahead and splashed the cash on him. At 29, Auba is in his prime years. He has struck a dangerous partnership with fellow striker Lacazette and has kept banging in the goals. Before we realized it, Auba climbed on top of the scoring charts to get level with fellow Africans Salah and Mane.

Stats for the season:

Appearances - 36
Goals - 22
Assists - 5
Shots/game - 2.6
Key Passes/game - 0.9
Dribbles/game - 0.8


This was one of the tougher choices with quite a few forwards such as Salah and Mane banging in a lot of goals throughout the season. I would have actually put one of the aforementioned two but the month of February is what tilted the scales in Aguero’s favour.

Before the season had started, Aguero was on 8 hat-tricks, i.e. 3 behind Alan Shearer. By the end of February, he was on par with Shearer after his 3 hat-tricks against Huddersfield, Arsenal and Chelsea. He also became City’s all-time leading goalscorer with those goals. Yes, he might have missed the Golden Boot but it’s his consistency that needs to be seen. His goal against Burnley made him the only player after Thierry Henry to hit 20+ goals in 5 consecutive seasons.

Stats for the season:

Appearances - 33
Goals - 21
Assists - 8
Shots/game - 3.6
Key Passes/game - 1
Dribbles/game - 1.4
Pass Acc. - 85%.


Ederson, Aaron Wan-Bissaka, Fabian Schar, Wilfred Ndidi, Paul Pogba, Sadio Mane, Mohamed Salah

There you have it folks! Our Premier League Team of the Season with subs! Until next season, keep Dribling!

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