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The 22-year-old Argentine midfielder has been one of the best players in the Championship

Norwich City are on course for an eventful Premier League return next season as the team comfortably sits on top of the Championship table, where they lead the nearest opponent (Sheffield United) by a margin of 10 points. Daniel Farke’s men have played brilliantly so far this season, and two men, in particular, have caught the eye of many people around England. One being Teemu Pukki, and Emiliano Buendia being the other. This article mainly focuses on Emiliano Buendia and his exploits in mid-field or down the flank.

Emiliano Buendia is a 22-year-old midfielder from Argentina, who predominantly plays on the right side of midfield. The former Getafe man was brought from Spain last year, and with 8 goals and 11 assists so far this season already, it seems like the youngster is just getting started in England. The Argentine’s performances of late have got along well with the Norwich supporters, and some of them are already confident about him turning up big in the Premier League next season.

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Emiliano Buendia's stats for this season

Emiliano Buendia became the 7th player to register 10 assists in the Championship this season, and his vision, work rate, and overall output have certainly made him a concrete starter under Daniel Farke. If we look at his offensive stats, it’s evident as to how balanced he is regarding the aspects a mid-fielder possesses.

In 38 games this season, Buendia averages 2 shots per game in all competitions, which suggests that when the right-footer gets some space in the opposition’s half, he isn’t afraid to go for it and sometimes, it actually results in a belter of a goal. It may feel like the youngster is all about being offensive, but he has some good positional sense too.
When required, the youngster can put in amazing strides in tracking-back as well.

Norwich City’s pillar in the attack has been Buendia’s influence on the ball. With 1.3 dribbles per game, he isn’t that interested in carrying the ball, but when he does, he oozes flair and is not that wasteful on it too. His real threat lies in his passing and vision. As shown in the picture, the 22-year old has an average of 2.3 key passes per game, which suggests that his passes “split” opens the mid-field or the defence of an opposition.

With a brilliant eye for a pass, he usually likes to find the pocket of spaces through the middle which allows Teemu Pukki to easily dispatch goals in great positions. Emiliano Buendia’s defensive contributions aren’t that pleasing to one’s eye. He averages an impressive tally of 2.5 tackles per game, along with a decent total of 1 interception per game.

If we are talking about Buendia, his defensive part of play shouldn’t really get considered solely due to his contribution in the opposition’s half. As I mentioned earlier, he also has the ability to track back, man-marking, or even simulate play during tense situations.

To conclude, Norwich City have done a great job in recruiting a potential talent like Emiliano Buendia, who has shown some brilliant flashes of skill in the offensive front. Leading from the start in midfield, he has shown others what damage he can cause with the ball, and if he carries on like how he is now, it won’t surprise a few if a big money move comes calling soon.

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