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Brighton host Manchester City on matchday 38 of the Premier League

Venue: Falmer Stadium
Date: Sun, 12/05/2019
Kick-off: 7:30 Pm Ist

GW 38 could surely be interpreted as ‘Goals Week 38’ as the Premier draws to what is surely to be an epic conclusion. A truly blissful season of football( both in and outside the PL) for football fans as those neck and neck matches culminated into a neck and neck league.

The Citizens and the Reds are locked in a battle for the ages with only one measly point separating them. Man City are up by one point and slip could cost them the League title and no one wants to be second when they are so close to the glory that they can almost taste eternal praise.

Brighton seem to have avoided relegation by a whisker and will be ending the season with a bottom 5 finish regardless of the results of the game. While in all likelihood, it seems Man City will clinch the game, consider the fact that they barely won the last game thanks to a desperate and glorious screamer from  Kompany and you will find yourself in a dilemma. Will Raheem Sterling and Bernardo Silva paint the season blue or will it bleed red? Time will tell but who can wait?!



Bruno has announced his retirement so he might appear in the last game. Propper and Izquierdo are still in recovery mode and their return to the squad is highly doubtful at best.

Manchester City:

Kevin De Bruyne might not start because of his recent hamstring injury. Fernandinho will sit the last game out due to a knee problem. Mendy will also be absent for the game. Expect a swap between Sane and Phil Foden although it is unlikely that both will share the pitch.



Ryan; Bruno, Duffy, Dunk, Bernardo; Stephens, Bissouma; Knockaert, Gross, March; Murray

Manchester City(4-3-3):
Ederson; Walker, Kompany, Laporte, Zinchenko; Foden, Gundogan, D.Silva; B.Silva, Aguero, Sterling


Brighton: L-D-L-D-D
Manchester City: W-W-W-W-W

SCORE PREDICTION: Brighton 0t - 2 Manchester City

While there’s always room for unpredictability, especially in this week of unforgettable comebacks, looking at the cold hard facts suggests a Manchester City win. They have been superb this season with Sterling and Silva showcasing some stellar football. They have won all their last five games and at the moment, nothing seems to point towards an upset.

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