About Dribl

What is Dribl?

Dribl is a special platform for football fans to support their team, engage with other fans and express themselves. The platform lends football fans an identity online.

Is Dribl for me?

Dribl has been developed exclusively for passionate football fans. If you are a passionate football fan, then Dribl is the place for you.

How can I access Dribl?

Dribl is currently available on web platform at www.dribl.co and on Android. You will need to create an account for access to Dribl.

What can I do on Dribl?

Some of the activities that football fans can do on Dribl:

  • Engage with other passionate football fans; post your own opinions and comment on what others are saying
  • Read news, updates, analysis and opinions
  • Play games on football, participate in quizzes
  • Chat with other football fans during games – a unique way to follow football games live

About Us

Dribl was founded by Agam Khurana and Nageen Kommu to enable better engagement of football fans, especially in ‘offshore’ countries.

The duo were classmates at the prestigious Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad in India and are themselves passionate football fans.

Agam Khurana

Agam Khurana


Agam is an alumnus of IIT-Delhi and has experience of working in the sports industry. He was part of KPMG’s Global Sports practice based in Europe in his last professional stint before launching Dribl.

Nageen Kommu

Nageen Kommu


Nageen has extensive experience as a management consultant with Ernst & Young and before that as a coder with Alcatel Lucent. He is a Computer Science Engineer from NIT, Surathkal.


Why did we start Dribl?

Dribl was started to give football fans a special platform to support their teams and express themselves about the beautiful game.

How did we come up with the idea of Dribl?

We felt that the experience of following football in the online world was falling short of that experienced by fans in a stadium. The idea of Dribl was conceived to enhance the experience of football fans online

Why am I asked to select my team at the beginning?

Fans are asked to select teams at the beginning as a way of indicating the teams that they want to follow. In addition, fans are free to mark their favourite team – one club and one international team.

Contact Us

Dribl Website: www.dribl.co
Email: info@dribl.co